The Margin of Eras Gallery (the MOEG) is seeking submissions from new-generation artists (15-29 years old) who live and work on the margins in Toronto. We aim to support, elevate, and publicly present the works of artists who experience marginalization, face systemic barriers, and, consequently, are too often shut out of the contemporary art world.

The MOEG is led by a team of artists who themselves live and work on the margins. We provide a wide range of supports to artists who exhibit here, including: consultation with vision and planning, layout of works and space design, graphic design and promotion, copyediting of written materials, and technical installation of works. We aim to meet artists where they are at while addressing the unique needs that arise when preparing for public presentation.

We provide artist fees. All exhibitions include an opening reception, and remain open to the public for up to two weeks.

We encourage you to reach out to us by e-mail at We can provide any help you might need in completing your proposal, and answer any questions you have – send us an e-mail if you’d like to set a time to talk in-person or over the phone.   

All applicants will receive a response by early 2019. Please note that we are unable to provide individual critique or feedback on submitted artwork or proposals.