If you’re ready to produce a solo exhibition, we want to hear from you. We are seeking to exhibit quality work in any artistic discipline. We favour proposals that aim to create immersive experiences, challenge conventions, and push boundaries. 

Send an e-mail with the application questions, your answers, and 10 - 12 examples of your work to:

Answers can be in point form. Answers can be in the body of an email, or attached as a PDF. The more images you send, the better! We recommend that you send samples of the work that you plan to show. This can be combined, as necessary, with your past work that best represents your vision for your exhibition.

Please submit by the deadline: November 7th, 2018.

 In fairness to all applicants, late applications will not be considered.




Pronoun (i.e. she/they/him, or other):



Website/Social media links (if applicable):

Address (or area you reside if you have no fixed address):


Tell us about yourself as an artist. (For example, how long have you been making art? Have you ever exhibited your work? How did you learn your craft? What/who are you influenced or inspired by?)

Tell us about the art that you make. (For example, in what medium(s) do you work? What are the central themes in your work? Why is it important to you?)

How do you identify with living and working on the margins? (If you have concerns about or are unsure of how to answer this question, please e-mail prior to submitting your application.)


Tell us what you would like to exhibit. (For example: Describe the object(s), installation, or situation. In what mediums? How many pieces? Include any other information that will help us visualize your exhibition.)

What are the central themes/concepts in this work? How will the work address these themes/concepts?                                                                                                                                             

How much of this work is completed? (If all of the work is not currently finished, please tell us what you still need to do, and how long it will it take.) 

Have any works in this proposed solo show been previously exhibited? If so, please let us know which pieces, and where/when. 

Please let us know about your availability to exhibit in 2019. (Do you anticipate being away at any points in the year? Do you have school or work schedules that could impact your availability to connect with our team and engage in the process? It's best to let us know now so we can plan accordingly.)

Are there special installation requirements for presenting your work at the MOEG? A copy of the floorplan is here.



Send 10 - 12 examples of your work along with your application. We recommend that you send samples of the work that you plan to show. Where this is not possible, please send examples of past work that best represent what you plan to show. Please indicate which pieces of support material are works you want to exhibit, and those of your past work intended to represent your practice.



Do you have any ideas for public programming while the show takes place? (This could be an artist talk, panel discussion, performance, workshop, or another kind of creative activation of the gallery space.)



Do you have any other relevant online content you'd like to share? Include additional links below!

Is there anything else you would like to share with us? Feel free to write anything you think is important that we did not ask.