We Bathe Here — a solo exhibition by Cat Lamora, opening October 10th


Opening October 10th, We Bathe Here is an immersive paper installation by artist Cat Lamora that explores themes of connection within a shared and very vulnerable space; the Korean bath house (or Mok yok tang, directly translating to 'bathing pools'). The installation aims to interpret the transition where a long-used space becomes a physical, emotional, and cultural reflection of its people and how these spaces also influence the internal strata of experiences - both personal and cultural - within the people.

Opening Reception | October 10th, 2019 from 7-10pm
Exhibition Dates | October 11th – October 26th
Gallery Hours | Wednesday to Friday from 12-7pm, Saturdays from 12-5pm

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Cat Lamora is a Korean-Canadian paper artist based in Toronto. Through the fragile and temporary medium of paper, their work strives to preserve the brief liminal space created at the crossroads of diaspora consciousness, memory, culture, and nostalgia, examining how each lived experience constructs the building blocks of identity. They are interested in exploring the qualities of ambiguity and disorientation, and the ephemeral events experienced and forgotten that fringes between everyday reality and surreality.