No More Room. — a solo show by Jah Grey, opening July 12th


The MOEG invites you to join us for No More Room., a solo show of self-portraiture by visual artist & photographer Jah Grey.

In photographs, as with individuals, there’s more that you can see. Jah Grey’s self-portraits aims to bring light to the ways in which being in front of the camera has the power to change the relationship with one's body. We all carry positive and negatives from experience that make the relationships to your bodies painful. 

"Stepping in-front of the camera myself is an opportunity and challenges me to explore the ways my lived experiences has impacting the relationship with my body." — Jah Grey

Opening Reception July 12th, 2018 from 7-10pm
Exhibition Dates | July 13th – 28th
Gallery Hours | Wednesday to Friday from 12-7pm, Saturdays from 12-5pm

Artist Hours July 26th & 27th, 2018 from 12-7pm


Jah Grey is a self-taught photographic artist primarily focused on portraiture. He began taking photos with a "point and shoot" at a young age and has kindled a love of the visuals of classical photography into a full time career. Inspired by exploring his own vulnerabilities and the vulnerabilities of those around him, Jah skillfully uses the power of his photographic images to share the deep and meaningful stories behind his subjects. Fascinated by light and how it can impact a photograph, Jah actively remains unafraid to expand himself as an artist. Jah is on a dedicated journey to live his truth and depict it through photography. 

Jah’s work acts to educate and encourage society to unlearn the teachings that act to separate us in order to advocate for a more fluid and diverse world. Systems of oppressions have been created to ensure that certain folks who aren't considered the 'norm' continue to be the most unwanted, undesired, and unprotected of the races. By focusing on challenging these concepts, his photos bravely remind all of us of the similarities we share, despite our differences. Jah Grey’s digital portraits encourage us all to live out loud and not feel silenced or shamed around our bodies but feel able to express ourselves in any way we choose.

Jah Grey’s photographs have been shown across Ontario - including in the AGO - and he's showcased/collaborated with community galleries/organizations in Toronto such as the FreeSpace in association with Canon INC, Margins of Era Gallery, Manifesto. Jah Grey's photographs consistently remain rooted in the struggle for social justice and his innovative style of photography redefines the social norms of gender, race, and sexuality and poignantly pushes against the constructs others place on our bodies and personal identities.