Terms and Conditions — a group show curated by Timothy Yanick Hunter, opening August 9th

How does the digital landscape affect our relationships with each other, and with ourselves? What is the sum impact of the Internet on society)? How do we navigate the distinction and conflation of ourselves with our created digital egos? The nineteen-nineties marked the expansion of the Internet along with its commercialization. Subsequent decades have seen its control solidified over almost every facet over our lives. The digital lives we create for ourselves are now integral to the global surveillance apparatus implemented by western governmental powers and corporations, and we experience their dominance in both private and public space. 

When contemplating online culture, one must recognize the Internet's global power influence: not only its utilitarian function, but its invasiveness, and how our daily participation only emboldens and further centralizes social, economic, and political power structures. Western society marvels—indeed, seemingly mythologizes—technological innovation, but fails to acknowledge the ethical and existential threats that arise when new technologies are implemented en masse.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS is a platform to contemplate the ethics and morals of our digital life, and instigate a visual conversation. The artworks convey individual stories, lived experiences, and present conversations that examine and critique our relationship with information technology. 

Aaron Jones
Curtia Wright
Eli Ao
Noor Khan
Timothy Yanick Hunter

A special project of the Margin of Eras Gallery
Curated by Timothy Yanick Hunter

Opening Reception | August 9th, 2018 from 7-10pm
Exhibition Dates | August 9th – 25th
Gallery Hours | Wednesday to Friday from 12-7pm, Saturdays from 12-5pm

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