"Man To Man" — An Artist Talk with James Yeboah, interviewed by Jah Grey


On Thursday, June 21st the MOEG invites you to join us for "Man To Man", an artist talk with the MOEG's current exhibiting artist James Yeboah, interviewed by artist & photographer Jah Grey (who will be presenting a solo exhibition at the MOEG in July.)

James will discuss Black Boys Forever within the context of toxic masculinity and blackness that have shaped his "Black Boys" series. James seeks examine and reimagine the notion of black male solidarity, as well as illustrate strength through vulnerability and intimacy.

Man To Man wishes to build on the mandate of Black Boys Forever to create a space to rediscover what it means to be a man, explore the ways in which we can shift our understanding of masculinity, and talk about deconstructing the toxic ideas of masculinity we teach one another.

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We hope to see you there!