Out Of Many, One People — a solo show by Brianna Roye, opening May 3rd


The MOEG invites you to join us for "Out of Many, One People", a solo photography exhibit by Brianna Roye. An accomplished portrait & event photographer, Roye seeks to push forward the representation of Caribbean people within the LGBTQ+ community in her work. 

Queerness is too often centered around the gay white male experience -- with "Out Of Many, One People", Roye has captured a series of photos that people who are of Caribbean descent can relate to—and perhaps see themselves in. We invite you to join us for this examination (and celebration) of what it means to be queer & Caribbean. 

Opening Reception // May 3rd, 2018 from 7-10pm

FREE Event, DJ-ed by Chanelle Marshall (@chanlmarshl)

Exhibition Dates // May 3rd – 19th
Gallery Hours // Wednesday to Friday from 12-7pm, Saturdays from 12-5pm

Brianna Roye is a Jamaican-Canadian photographer from Toronto, Ontario, who identifies as a queer androgynous woman. Specializing in portraiture and music/event photography, Brianna strives to capture the unique essence of the person she is photographing. She has worked for a number of music & art festivals, including Manifesto and Afropunk. She has exhibited her work in several shows, and is a part of the Toronto art collective, Blank Canvas. She intends to continue her visual storytelling through photographing and documenting the QPOC, Black, and Caribbean people in her community. 

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