The MOEG Presents: Habitat — A Deeper Look


Ever wonder what truly inspires your favourite musician? Find yourself imagining what their life story might be? Are you curious about what’s living behind the thin curtain of social media personas? 

Come to Habitat. 

On February 22nd and March 8th, the Margin Of Eras Gallery opens its doors to four musicians—each of whom has built a fully immersive original installation. Their goal is to provide you with a deeper look into their complete habitat of inspiration and vulnerability. Each installation is conceptualized and completed by the musician, and consists of projections, a listening booth containing their music, interactive visual art, and an intimate live performance that you will not see on any other stage. 

You will leave with a true understanding of who they are as artists, and human beings. 

February 22nd featuring Yasmine and Tamir 

March 8th featuring Just John and Lola Bunz


RSVP now on Facebook:

Free admission. Cash bar. 

The Habitat Series was produced by Matthew Progress.