"...but there are new suns" Closing Performance with Ravyn Wngz — Saturday, October 6th

We're excited to announce a special performance event for the closing of "..but there are new suns" this Saturday, October 6th at 3pm, featuring a dance performance by ILL NANA/DiverseCity Dance Company co-founder Ravyn Wngz, and an acapella performance by Savannah Taylor. We hope to see you then!



Ravyn Wngz is an African, Bermudian, Mohawk, 2Spirit, queer and transcendent individual. Ravyn works to change all hierarchical mainstream arts and dance spaces by centering disability justice and advocating for representations of marginalized LGBTTIQQ2S communities. Ravyn is a co-founder of ILL NANA/DiverseCity Dance Company- a queer multiracial dance company that provides affirming accessible dance education to all LGBTTIQQ2S communities. Ravyn is
the Artistic Director of OVA- Outrageous Victorious Africans Collective a Dance/Theatre collective that share the contemporary voices of African/Black and Queer/Self Identified storytellers. Ravyn is committed to eradicating all forms of anti-Black racism, supporting Black healing and liberating Black communities through their work.



Savannah Taylor is a black queer performing artist with a strong belief that storytelling is essential for the movement of black liberation. As a singer-songwriter, her music bridges the sonic nuances of neo-soul, boom bap and r&b with the raw storytelling of early jazz and blues. Her music is a catalyst for learning who she is and creating tangible and meaningful projects for black people, specifically black women. She continues to unearth the spiritual strength of her voice and it's Afro-Trinidadian roots.


ABOUT “…but there are new suns”

This solo exhibition of new works by amber williams-king explores themes of intimacy, spirituality, liberation and emergence through the use of  textiles, film and sculpture. “… but there are new suns investigates and reconfigures mass media portrayals of Blackness to illuminate alternative geographies, impressions and perhaps possibilities.